What is Statistics?

Statistics is a modern science concerned with making decisions and inferences from empirical data subject to random variability and error. It deals with designing experiments, sample surveys, summarizing numerical information, building and analyzing statistical models, prediction and choosing between alternate actions. Statistics can tell us how much safer it is to fly than drive, the odds of winning the lottery, our life expectancy and who is likely to win the next election.

Good News: Statistics also tells us there is a growing demand for statisticians.

Because of its importance as a scientific method, the demand for trained statisticians has grown in education, medicine, government, business and industry as well as in the biological, social and physical sciences. The Department of Statistics at MU is committed to train undergraduate and graduate students to meet this demand and develop careers in teaching and research.

Our Strengths.

The Faculties of MU's Department of Statistics are recognized internationally for their contribution to statistical theory and application. Few small departments have as many distinguished faculty members as MU's statistics department. Of the 16 tenured or tenure track faculty members, two are Fellows of the American Statistical Association, three are Fellows of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics and elected members of the International Statistical Society, one is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, one is a Fellow of the Washington Academy of Science and one is a Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science. These accomplishments put them at the frontier of modern statistics, which is being shaped by collaborative research of teams of scientists using computer-intensive statistical methodology.

Personal Attention.

The collaborative nature of research and teaching in the department constantly brings students and faculty members together in class and in the computer lab. They know each other by first names, and they see each other so regularly that questions rarely wait long for answers.

Is a career in statistics right for you? Speak with one of our admissions advisors and find out.