MU Statistics Affiliated Faculty

Listed below are the faculty and postdocs affiliated with the department of statistics. Information about regular faculty, emeritus faculty, and staff can be found using the appropriate links to the right.

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Adjunct Associate Professor

  • Doug Steinley - Psychological Sciences at MU

Adjunct Professor

  • Mark L. Wildhaber - U.S. Geological Survey
  • Noel Cressie - University of Wollongong School of Mathematics and Applied Statistics and the National Institute for Applied Statistics Research Australia (NIASRA)

Research Adjuncts

  • Wade Davis - Health Management and Informatics at MU
  • David R. Larsen - Forestry at MU
  • Joshua Millspaugh - Fisheries and Wildlife at MU
  • Xiaoguang Ni - Economics at MU
  • Steven Osterlind - Educational School & Counseling Psychology at MU
  • Youngju Pak - Health Management and Informatics at MU
  • Jeff Rouder - Psychological Sciences at MU
  • Steven Sheriff - Missouri Department of Conservation
  • Shanna Swan - University of Rochester
  • Russell Wolfinger - SAS Institute
  • Phil Wood - Psychological Sciences at MU

Teaching Adjuncts

  • Jonathan Blankenship
  • Doug Clark
  • Wade Davis
  • Phil Deming
  • Carol Howald
  • Isabella Zaniletti

Post-doctoral Fellows