Dr. Basu's Personal Sketch

Asit Basu

  • Education
  • Employment History
  • Research Interests
  • Professional Activities
  • Invited Talks


  • B.Sc. with Honors in Statistics, Calcutta University, India, 1956
  • M.Sc. in Statistics, Calcutta University, India, 1958
  • Ph.D. in Statistics, University of Minnesota, 1966

    Employment History

  • Research Fellow, Calcutta University, 1959-60
  • Associate lecturer of Statistics and Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology, 1960-62
  • Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant, Rutgers University and University of Minnesota, 1962-66
  • Associate Member of Technical Staff, Bell Telephone Laboratories, Murray Hill, Summer 1963
  • Statistician, General Mills, Minneapolis, Summer 1965
  • Assistant Professor of Statistics, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1966-68
  • Research Staff Member, IBM Research Center, 1968-70
  • Adjunct Professor, City University of New York, 1969-70
  • Assistant Professor, Department of IE/MS, Northwestern University, 1970-71
  • Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh, PA, 1971-74
  • Professor, Department of Statistics, University of Missouri-Columbia, 1974-present
  • Chairman, Department of Statistics, University of Missouri-Columbia, 1976-83
  • Visiting Professor (Sabbatical leave, 1980-81): 1) Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta India, 2) University of Lund, Sweden, 3) Imperial College,London, U.K.
  • Director of Graduate Studies, Dept. of Statistics, University of Missouri-Columbia, 1985-90, 1991-93, 1996-98

    Research Interests

    Current research interests include the development of statistical theory for use on reliability theory, statistical process control and biomedical problems.

    Professional Activities

    A. Editorial Positions Held
    Associate Editor:
  • Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference
  • Journal of the Indian Association for Productivity, Quality and Reliability
    Member, Editorial Board:
  • Lifetime Data Analysis
  • Communications in Statistics, Series E
  • Series Editor for Quality, Reliability and Engineering Statistics, World Scientific

    B. National Committees or Panels

  • Member American Statistical Association Committee on Quality and Productivity.
  • Member Conference organizing Committee on Reliability of American Society of Metals.
  • Member Advisory Committee of the Institute of Environmental Sciences National Workshop and Conference on Reliability.
  • Elected President of Mid-Missouri Chapter of the American Statistical Association (1984).
  • Selected as a Visiting Lecturer in Statistics by Presidents of National Statistical Societies to present lectures in various institutions.
  • Member, Program Committee for Regional Meeting of Institute of Mathematical Statistics at Iowa City, Iowa, April 1980.
  • Member, Program Committee of Annual Meeting of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, Cincinnati, Ohio, August 1982.
  • Member of a Blue Ribbon Committee for the EPA.
  • Included in peer reviewer resources for NSF.

    C. Recent Symposiums, Conferences or Program Organization Responsibilities:

  • Organized International Conference on Reliability and Quality Control at UMC, June 1984, June 1986, May 1988, and June 1991. Served as Conference Director or Coordinator.
  • Member, organizing committee, International Conference on Reliability and survival analysis. Harvard University, June 1994.
  • Chaired a session at the Fifth International Meeting of Bayesian Statistics, Alicante, Spain, June 1994.
  • Chaired a session at the R.C. Bose Memorial International Research Conference at Colorado State University, June 1995.
  • Chaired a session at the joint research conference on Statistics in Quality, Industry and Technology, Gaithersburg, May 1996.
  • Chaired a session at the conference on Statistics at the University of Minnesota, June 1996.
  • Member, Organizing committee. International Conference on Reliability and survival analysis. Northern Illinois Univ. DeKalb, IL, May 1998.
  • Chaired a session at the Workshop on Reliability Issues for Department of Defense system at the Naitonal Academy of Sciences, June 2000.
  • Organized a session for the second international conference on Mathematical Methods in Reliability at Bordeaux, France, July 2000.

    D. Ph.D. Theses Written under A.P. Basu

  • Robert H. Lochner (1968). On some two-sample problems in life testing.
  • Dennis R. Weier (1978). On tests of independence with life testing applications.
  • John P. Klein (1980). Accelerated life testing and safe dose estimation when there are competing causes of failure.
  • Ghasem Tarmast (1983). Reliability of complex systems.
  • Steven Rigdon (1985). On the Reliability of Repairable Systems.
  • S. Alam (1987). Two-stage tests for distributions with monotone failure rates.
  • D. Bandyopadhyay (1989). Some univariate and multivariate problems with applications in reliability theory.
  • R.D. Thompson (1991). Reliability estimation under asymmetric loss function.
  • C. Mukhopadhyay (1992). Competing Risks, Bayesian Analysis of change point and related models.
  • K. Sun (1993). Risk assessment in Toxicology and failure rate in Reliability.
  • L. Ries. (1995). Software reliability: statistical modeling, estimation and inference.
  • G.H. Lee (1996). (jointly with D. Sun) Noninformative priors for some models useful in reliability and survival analysis.
  • M.G. Richardson (1997). Power law process models for nonhomogeneous Poisson process change-points.
  • K.L.Y. Tam (1997). Pricing risk for nonnormal processes and conditional higher-order moments.

    Invited Talks

  • The joint annual meeting of the American Statistical Association, Biometric Society and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, at Chicago, August 1996.
  • Conference on Statistics at the Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL, September 1996.
  • R.C. Bose memorial international research conference at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, June 1995.
  • International, triennial Calcutta Symposium, Calcutta, India, December 1994.
  • International research conference on lifetime data models at Harvard University, Boston, June 1994.
  • International Conference on Bayesian Analysis at San Francisco, CA., August 1993.
  • Indian Science Congress at Goa, India, January, 1993.

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