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STAT 2500 is an introductory-level statistics course designed primarily for students majoring in Business. The prerequisite for the course is a grade of C- or higher in MATH 60 (or any math course numbered higher than 60). Transfer students must have their credits for an equivalent course approved by the university.

Topics covered in STAT 2500 include Methods of Describing Data, Fundamental Concepts in Probability, Discrete Random Variables, Continuous Random Variables, Sampling Distributions, Confidence Intervals, Tests of Hypotheses, and Categorical Data Analysis.

Students who have completed STAT 1200, STAT 1300, or E&CPSY A354 in the past and are now required to take STAT 2500 due to change in major can alternatively take STAT 2200 (1-cr-hr course) to fulfill the STAT 2500 requirement. Please contact the department to obtain further information.

Typically, the Department of Statistics offers approximately 10 sections of STAT 3500. For specific schedules, please visit the university's Schedule of Courses page.