This is me at Badlands National Park. We went hiking through this lunar-type landscape in 100 degree weather. It was eerie to listen the the rattling of the Prarie Rattlesnakes, which are plentiful in these parts.

Traveling west on I90, one sees dozens of billboards for Wall Drug. (Very similar to the signs for South of the Border traveling south on I95.) So we stopped at this crazy place and here I am riding the stuffed bucking bronco.

"Right up there is Mt. Rushmore."

The guys are getting a real chemical peel, by a team of German guys powerwashing the lichens and other gunk off the faces of the presidents.

We had a rare opportunity to sear and hear an actual blast of dynamite at the Crazy Horse Memorial.

Buffalo Crossing . . .

Baby buffalo.

Cute cowboy in Deadwood, SD. About 30 seconds later, he was shot and killed in a bar room brawl.

Devil's Tower in Wymoming.

When someone makes it up to the top of Devil's Tower, they get to name their route. Check out some of these crazy names.

This is Lori standing at the Geographical Center of the USA, counting all 50 states. It is in Belle Fourche, South Dakota.