Learning from history to fight against COVID-19: Grant awarded to MU researchers looks for similarities, differences between 1918 flu pandemic and COVID-19 pandemic. Prof.

Spatio-Temporal Statistics with R

Congratulations to Christopher K Wikle, Andrew Zammit-Mangion and Noel Cressie, whose book, “Spatio-Temporal Statistics with R” has won the 2019 Taylor & Francis Publishers Award for Outstanding Reference/Monograph in the Science and Medical category. 

Anne Marie Coultrap

Anne Marie Coultrap graduated in 2016 with a bachelor of science in Statistics, Economics, and Mathematics.  She has been selected to receive the Arts and Science Recent Alumni Award 2020. Congratulation Annie !!!

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Christian Cmehil-Warn

Congratulations to Christian Cmehil-Warn for being named finalist in the Rhodes Scholarship!

The Big Data revolution has expanded to the world of sports and the potential for collecting a staggering amount of information now exists. With this abundance of data comes a need for trained professionals to interpret and analyze it.


Introduction to Python for Statistics Short Course

by Steven Stehnach, Data Scientist

Fall 2020 – Statistics Topics course

DATA FROM THE PANDEMIC:  What can we learn?

Stat 4006/7006, section 1

Instructor:  Dr. Suhwon Lee

Credit:  3 hours

MWF 10-10:50 a.m. in Middlebush 205