Introduction to Python for Statistics Short Course

by Steven Stehnach, Data Scientist


Assistant Professor

Department of Statistics

University of Missouri

Position Description        

Assistant Professor

Department of Statistics, College of Arts and Sciences (primary) and Center for Biomedical Informatics, School of Medicine (secondary)

University of Missouri

Position Description        

Prof. Christopher K. Wikle

Welcome to the Department of Statistics for the Fall 2019 Semester!

Prof. Suhwon Lee

Prof. Suhwon Lee is honored with the Purple Chalk Award for the Spring of 2019. The Purple Chalk Award serves as an incredible opportunity for students to recognize an exemplary professor.

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Statistician was ranked #1 in Best Business Jobs, #2 in Best STEM Jobs, and #2 in the 100 Best Jobs overall in the 2019 U.S. News Best Jobs Rankings! We have now made the list four years in a row, signaling just how much our field has grown.

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Professor of Statistics Christopher Wikle
Assistant Professor of Statistics Erin Schliep

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