Research Areas



Research Areas

Sounak Chakraborty

Bayesian statistics, machine learning, high-dimensional variable selection, bioinformatics

Shih-Kang Chao

Statistical inference for large data, Statistical guarantees of machine learning methods, Econometrics.

Chong (Zhuoqiong) He

Bayesian analysis, small area estimation, survival analysis, sampling survey, spatio-temporal models.

Scott Holan

Spatio-temporal models, Bayesian methodolgy, Official statistics, Survey methodology, Environmental and ecological statistics.

Athanasios Micheas

Bayesian methods of estimation and computation, multivariate analysis, spatial temporal statistics, point process theory and applications

Larry Ries

Undergraduate education, curriculum development, statistical consulting

Erin M. Schliep

Spatial statistics, Bayesian statistics, environmental and ecological applications

Kangwon Seo

Failure time data modeling and analysis, optimal experimental design, statistical learning and data mining

Dongchu Sun

Bayesian statistics, noninformative priors, space-time modelling

(Tony) Jianguo Sun

Biostatistics, survival analysis, longitudinal data analysis, chemometrics

Lori Thombs

Time series, resampling methods

Chris Wikle

Spatio-temporal models, dynamical models, Bayesian hierarchical methods, environmental and ecological statistics